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Masked man back to house. He ended hunt for today. He was happy because today he break in to big house and scared big family. And next kill them all. He took his big axe to kitchen and started wash out blood from it. He loves when his axe is clean. Next he put in on table and started making food. He was hungry and in fridge was some delicious rotten meat. He started cook it. After some minutes beautiful smell was in whole house. Masked man ended cooking and started eat. Was very late night so everyone sleeping. House was like empty, no one walking here, no one talking, no one was here in kitchen. He knew that everyone sleeping. Almost everyone. He knew too that Ghostly Puppeteer never sleep and like always work. He decided to go to Ghostly's workshop. As he thought Ghostly was here. And he was very angry. Reason of his anger stand in front of him. Puppeteer shouted at Squish:
-b-but... I hate spend all time closed in this house... I want sometimes go outside too...
Masked man looks sad at Squish. He is in big troubles now. So he decided to said something to calm down Ghostly.
-ummm, Ghostly...-said masked man
Puppeteer turn to him. His face was still with anger but fast smile to him.
-hi. What is reason of coming to me?
-I just wanted meet you... but I see you are... busy...
-...yea. Hmmmm... how much you heard?
-I heard enough... I think you should calm down, can I talk with Squish?
-... ... ... ok...
-good- masked man smiled and pull Squish out of workshop

Masked man and Squish sit on sofa in living room. Reflection sits sad and touch face.
-what you did? You make Ghostly very angry
-yea I know... I just... go outside to hunt... but he not let me go outside...
-you shouldn't do it if he don't let it. You have big troubles now. You are lucker that I come fast enough.
-yea... thank you...
-no problem, but better don't do it again. I can't help you all time. I hope Ghostly won't be so angry.
-I hope too...
Squish looks at floor. He know that Ghostly won't forgive him. He hates him. But that was nice that masked man helped him. He really care about him. And with him he feel good... and safe... But he don't understand why he always help him. Squish know that cause he aren't nice to others so there aren't reasons to like him. But masked man doesn't care about it. He likes him. He likes everybody. Squish doesn't understand it. How he can like everybody...

Claw woke up. Again he had nightmare. He stand up and go to kitchen for glass of water. That was very late night, everyone sleeping. He was quiet, he doesn't want wake up others. When he was near to kitchen he heard something. Something like very quiet whispers. He come it to kitchen and see Squish who washing dishes and whisper to himself:
-..not fair... why always I...I hate you...
Claw looks at him with rude smile. He loves bullying others and that was good chance.
-hey you! You don't have friends so you talk to yourself? Hehehe, well, who wants be friend with guy afraid of little squirrels
Reflection looks at him with anger. Claw starts laugh. He know that it is mean but for him was funny. But Squish don't likes it. He took glass and throw it to young demon. Glass broken when hits his mask and hurt Claw's neck and arms.
-uhhh... hey dude I just joking!
-...but that wasn't funny!
-you don't have sense of humour? C'mon-
-what is funny in being rude...
-you laugh of me cause I'm different? You are idiot...
-I'm not idiot! That was just joke, ok? Why you are so aggressive?
-...I'm not aggressive... I... I just...
-you broken glass on my face...
-that's... your fault...
-pffff, of course as always my fault, listen little-
-I'm not little!-Squish grab Claw's hair and pull to himself- call me in any stupid way again and I'll kill you
-uh, calm down
Squish push him away and go back to washing dishes. Claw looks at arms. Glass cutted his skin and everything was in his blood. He shouldn't be rude to this guy, he is too aggressive. He take of parts of glass from his arms and put them in hand. After while he throw it to Squish. That was bad idea. Reflection looks at him with anger and shouted:
-I'LL KILL YOU!-and he attacked Claw. Squish's claws are long so he stick them deep in Claw's chest . Claw scream in pain. That's hurts so much. But Claw doesn't stay passive, he hits Squish strong in face. His skin is hard. He evil smiled to him and stick claws again, this time in face. He is shorter than Claw, but he knew how to fight with bigger enemy. He was fast and doesn't care about this what young demon doing to him. He act like he doesn't feel pain. That makes fight harder for Claw. He loosing... suddenly to kitchen come in masked man. He heard Claw's scream so he come see what happened. When he seen them fighting he come between them and stopped them. But Squish still trying again hit Claw. Masked man delicate push him away
-boys, what happened? Why you fighting?
-he- -started Squish
-is it true?
-why you did it!?
-...he... he laugh... of me...
-but it isn't reason to attack others!
-.... s... sorry...
-you should apologize Claw not me. And he is new here so maybe he don't know how to talk with you
-...I won't apologize him! I hate him!
-Squish...please, go to your mirror...
Squish looks with anger at Claw. He went inside mirror and disappear. Masked man looks at Claw with pain and in silence help him wash out blood from his arms. Claw smiled. He likes that masked man stayed at his side. And this idiot Squish now has big troubles. That was funny. And great that everybody believe him. This place is great...

Claw sat in his room and talk with his best friend Zenith by phone.
-hi Zen, how are you?
-good. I found sexy girl who lives near to me. And it seems that she likes me. Good. New victim. And you?
-you won't believe, now I live in house of the murders. Here lives two old demons, one dead guy, two reflections, dead girlie and demented girl. Sounds great huh?
-that's amazing. I want live there too but I won't leave my parents. But I'll come to you sometimes.
-ok. Soon I'll go to you too, I like hunt with you.
-ok. Bye.
Claw sits on window and looks outside. There was morning, sun appear behind trees and makes everything beautiful. He planned that in night he will come to Zenith and they will go killing. But what he can do with rest of day? He go to living room. And he looked shocked. On sofa sits Raxer and watching TV. Claw fast go out. What his biggest enemy doing here. It seems that he didn't noticed Claw. That's good. Claw decided to go to Ghostly and ask about Raxer. He go to his workshop and knock to door. Ghostly opened doors and said with smile:
-oh hi Claw. I hope you sleep well. What makes you come to me? Again troubles with Squish?
-this time no. I just wanted ask what Raxer doing here?
-probably like always watching TV. And he come in here cause he is my friend. And he is Xantos's brother do he maybe want meet him.
-but don't worry, here he won't hurt you. This is my house and rules said no hatred. And no fights. So calm down and go talk with him
-ummm, thanks but I don't want. Where is masked man?
-he is in Dead Mary's room and play with girls
-ok. Thank you.
Claw go out room. He slowly come at look to living room. Now here was Raxer and Xantos and they talking in weird language. Claw doesn't understand anything so after two minutes he go to girls and masked man. He came in to room. Masked man plays with Dead Mary and demented girl with dolls. It looks that masked man likes it. He sit with smile and hold one of creepy dolls. Claw come closer to them and sit between masked man and demented girl.
-oh hi Claw-said masked man with smile-wanna play with us?
-um, no thanks. I just wanted come to you and talk.
-ok, so-
-hey Claw play with me-said demented girl and gives him doll. This one has blue hair, was eyeless  and has creepy smile. Why all dolls looks like that?
-sorry little, I think I don't know how play with dolls
-c'mon, its easy, just talk as it
-.... but I will can later talk with masked man?
-yea, sure. But later, now play with me
-ok, ok.
They played almost hour and after it Ghostly come there and takes girls with him. Claw and masked man come to living room and sit on sofa. Now no one was here. Claw feels better that Raxer isn't here. He hates be near to him. Masked man as always smile. That was weird for Claw, why he always is happy? He decided to ask him about it:
-hey Mask, you always smile, you are so happy person, but why? You are never sad?
-Im happy cause life is too short for being sad. Well, I'm dead man but I still think that smile makes everything better. Im sometimes sad, but like everybody, only fool can be always sad or happy. My mood is like situation in which I am. But it is normal.
-oh ok.
-well, I wanna ask what happened yesterday. But please, tell truth
-ummmmm... Squish don't have sense of humour. This is what happened. He is very aggressive
-yea. But you said something rude to him hmmm?
-.... I just joked.
-better don't joke from him, he hates it. And he is very impulsive, so he will attack you.
-ok, I won't do it again. But I have question, Raxer is often here?
-no. He don't like too much being here with us. He is Ghostly's friend so sometimes he come here to talk with him and drink wine or vodka with him. I think he is alcoholic. He often is drunk when I see him
-yes, he is. And he is aggressive when he is drunk. So better is not be close to him when he is drunk.
-you are right
-he hurts you. You are afraid of him.
-don't worry, with me you are safe
-thank you. You are very friendly. I'm glad that I meet you
-you are welcome-masked man smiled and hugged Claw

Claw went to city. He stood near park and waiting for Zenith. Was late night, great time for hunt. After five minutes Zenith come there. They go in silence to park and start look around for humans. They stand behind big tree and look. In darkness nobody can see them. Usually at night aren't too many people here, but always is one or two homeless mans. This time they have good luck and group of teenagers was here, they slowly walk through part. Zenith seen them and prepare to attack. He moves fast and attack one of them. Claw attack too, his victim was tall, pretty girl. Teenagers scream when they see what attacked them. In late night two guys in masks is one of scariest thing. Teenagers try run away, but demons kill them one by one. Zenith killed three and Claw two of them. After it Claw drank blood from girl's corpse, and Zenith ate human meat. When they sit and eat they heard something. Somebody run to them. It was very quiet run but they can hear it. They slowly come up on tree and looks around. After a while they see who make this sound...Raxer...
third part :3
here is more about masked man, one of the most friendly killers and about Squish, reflection who is afraid of squirrels [AHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAAHHAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!!!!] {sorry, I always laugh when i think about it XD}
I started write next part, I think Ill add it in next week. this will be long story, i have many ocs and its something like next parts of my very old story "house of murderers". this serie is about Claw's and masked man's friendship but Ill make parts dedicated to all of my ocs. 

Claw, masked man, Squish, Ghostly Puppeteer, Zenith, demented girl, Dead Mary, Raxer, Xantos (c) :iconhekkoto:   [I hope I dont forget about anybody]
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