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Claw looked at Squish. "How reflection can has master" thought young demon. That was weird for him. And... why master?
-who is your master?
-...I don't want.... talk.... about it...
-c'mon, you can tell me
-leave me...alone...-said Squish and disappear in mirror
-weird guy-said Claw looking on masked man
-he doesn like talk about himself... and about this that he is slave-replied masked man
-slave? Really? There are still slaves on this world?
-so, who is his master?
-if he will want he will tell you. I cant.
-this isnt your bussiness
-well, is late, I go kill some humans, bye Claw. If you want something call me or go to Ghostly
Claw went to his room. He sit on bed and looks throught window. That was beautiful night outside. Here, in middle of forest, all stars are visible, there was millions of them. And big, white moon was above trees. Amazing view... Claw  thought when last time he seen something so amazing. He thought about his past. When he was younger he many times go with mother hunt. His mother, Crystal, was beautiful demon lady with long black hair, pale skin and green eyes. She was very often sad, she hasnt too much time for Claw. She loved him, but she hasnt spend much time with him. When Claw was younger his mother many times go to bussiness travel and then with him stayed his mother lover, evil demon Raxer. Claw was shocked when masked man told him that Xantos is Raxer's brother. So this evil monster has family... Claw decided to ask some question when masked man will back. He wanted know more about his enemy. And he wanted revenge. Revenge for his childhood... Claw lay on bed and back to his past...

....that was 9 p.m. 03.01.2006. Day which he will never forget. Claw sitted in his little room and waiting. Waiting for hell... His mother was again in bussiness travel. But she never leave him alone. This day Claw dont go to school, he know that he are in troubles now. He listened what happened in home. Nobody was here. His nightmare wasnt here. Claw lay in floor, he hasnt bed, he has only one little pillow and blanket. He trying fall asleep, but he was scared too much.  Raxer doesnt know what mercy means... Claw closed eyes. He heard that Raxer come it to flat. But he doesnt come in to Claw's room. He turn on tv and call for pizza. Claw was happy that he ignore him. But his happiness was short. Raxer is lazy and eat very much but is full of hatred and loves bullied everybody who isnt strong like he. And he takes all occasions for beat Claw. He always can find reason to do it. He doesnt need real reson. He do it alway when he wanted. Claw was afraid of him. Twenty minutes later Raxer come to his room. He come with evil smile and looked at Claw who tried sleep.
-so, you arent in school today, huh? Bad boy.
-I must punish you, you know it. Hehehehe, what I should do to you this time....
Claw looks terrified at him. He was scary when he want do something bad to Claw.
-please... dont hurt me....
-hurt? No... this time I'll do something worst... something what you will never forget, hehehe, oh yea...
Claw feel Raxer's hands on his body. He was stunned when Raxer kiss him in forehead... what he wanted do to him... Claw wanted scream but old demon put hand on his mouth
-shhhh... It wont be so painfully if you will be good boy

Claw wake up scared. That was dream. Dream about past... Claw's eyes was full of tears. His past... was awful. And he can't forget about it. He go out from room and go to masked man's room hoped that he was there. He stock to door and was happy when heard friend's voice
-come in- said masked man
Claw come in and hugged masked man who looks at him suprised. Masked man hugged Claw too. That was first time from long time when somebody was nice to him and act like real friend.
-what happened Claw? You had nightmare?-asked masked man
-Im not kid, Im not afraid of nightmares...
-well... everybody said that. But it isnt true. Thats nothing bad to be afraid.
-...that was dream... about my past... which is scary... and painfully...
-dont worry my friend. I can help you. You arent only one who have this problem
-hmmm? I dont think so... this what happened to me-
-old demons are the same... they was... evil to everybody in the same way....
-why you think that?
-well, I know Ghostly, Xantos and Raxer many years... and you arent only victim... if you want know somebody with bigger problems talk to Squish... he know what hell in life means... I helped him many times, not only me, Lady Heko too, and now he can stand it all...
-so... what can I do?
-forget about past. You are lucker that here you are safe. Raxer cant hurt you here, thats Ghostly's place. Stay here, with me and my friends and we will do everything to make your future better.
-o-ok... thank you
-no problem my little friend. I'm here to help others-said masked man with smile. Masked man's skin was hard like rock but nice warm what Claw feel hugging to him. Masked man wiped tears from Claw's face
-everything will be alright
-i hope...
-well, is late, I think you should go to sleep
-you are right. But... can I sleep in your room today? are afraid of sleep in place which you dont know?
-....yea... this is true....
-dont worry, I wont laugh. I understand it. Sometimes Mary and Lisa come to me when they are scared
-but they are little girls... I heard many times that Im too old for it
-that isnt true. Nobody is too old to be afraid of something. Everybody has fears.
-everybody? I dont think so...
-trust me, only idiots dont feel fear.
Claw looks around.
-where I can sleep?
-if you want in my bed. I can sleep on floor. Or if you want I can sleep with you in bed
Claw blushed a bit. Should he please about it? He feel now like little child. He decided that this time will use that masked man is so nice.
-could we sleep together?
-ok- said masked man with smile- dont worry, I wont hurt you. In any way.
Claw lay on masked man's bed. He feel better when he wasnt alone. And masked man was so nice. Claw trusted him. He helped him, took to this house, introduce to everybody and at least let him sleep in his bed. And he dont laugh that Claw act like little, abandoned kid. He understand him...

Claw wake up at 10 a.m.,  masked man wasn't here. Claw go to his room, wear clothes and go to kitchen. Masked man was here. He making breakfast with smile. Dead Mary and demented girl sit here and waiting for food. Masked man makes pancakes for them. Claw feels hungry so go to him.
-hi-said Claw
-oh hi Claw. I hope you sleep well. Are you hungry?
- I making pancakes, you want it too?
-yes. And thank you
-no problem my friend
Masked man end cooking and give food to them. Girls starts fast eat. Claw sit near masked man and eat. Pancakes was delicious, Claw long time dont eat something so good. He ate it and put plate in sink.
-should I wash it?-asked Claw
-you dont must, thats Squish's job
Claw hates wash dishes so he decided to leave it. Cause Squish was slave he must do all home works. It was very similiar to Claw's situation. Raxer always told him to doing it all. Dead Mary and demented girl end eat and run around table laughing. Claw thought that they looks cute, little dead girl and little crazy one who playing all day. Claw smiled. He wasnt happy when he was child. Expect time which he spent with his best friend Zenith or his girlfriend Dell. His mother never wanted leave him alone but she doesnt had time for him so he always leave him with Raxer, her lover. But Raxer likes the most bullying Claw. He beat him, burn and cut his skin and locked in little empty room for whole days. Claw was like his slave. He must tidy whole flat too, we starving very often cause old demon doesnt care that he need food. And when Claw feel very bad cause of being hungry he get disgusting things to eat. Claw hates thinks about past and trying forget about it but memorises back to him anyway. Claw go outside, sit on lower stair and starts smoke. He wanted starts new life. He wanted chill out but he cant stop thinks about horrible things from past. Fire... Fear... Death...

Little squirrel come close to stairs. Claw seen it and take nut from ground. Hevsit on ground and doesnt move holding nut on hand. Squirrel comes slowly to him and take nut. Claw looked with smile at it. He likes animals. He took another nut and give it to squirrel. It wasnt afraid of him and sit on his hand. Claw take it and go in to house. He go to kitchen but only Ghostly Puppeteer was here. Claw wasnt sure that he will be glad that he took wild animal inside. He wanted go out fast with hope that he wont see squirrel but was too late
-oh, I see you have beautiful ginger squirrel.
-ummm... yea... dont worry I will let it out, I promise it wont make mess
-I hope. Fof what you take it in?
- I just want show it to Dead Mary and demented girl.
-ok. They will be happy.
Claw fast go out. Ghostly wasnt angry at him. Good. Claw go to living room and see girls playing with weird, creepy dolls. He showed them squirrel and demented girl ask with weird smile:
-can I take it?
-better no. I dont want that it will make mess. And it can bite you.
-please...-said demented girl doing puppy eyes
-well... ok. But only for 2 minutes
-yay-said girl and run to big mirtor standing in the corner of room.
-hey Squish~
Squish appear in mirror.
-what you want...-he looks at her and next at squirrel which she hold close to mirror. He scream in fear.-TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME!
-hehehehe, no-demented girl starts laughing.
Claw laugh too. That was so funny seeing someone so rude when is afraid. And... squirrel? Really? Reflection is afraid of squirrels? Pfff...

Masked man go in to room and said:
-I heard scream, something happened?- he looks at Squish and demented girl. He go to them, take squirrel and let it out from window.-Lisa! What I told you about being rude... go to your room
-no but, you know that Squish hates squirrels.
-but Claw take squirrelie here, not me...
-but you take it close to mirror- said masked man crossing arms
-...ok...but can Mary go with me?
-....ok, but only if Mary want
Demented girl took her doll and go with Mary away. Claw looked at masked man. He really care about everybody. And is nice to everybody. Interesting... but Claw wonder why Squish is afraid of squirrel. It was on different side of mirror so he was far from it. Claw come to mirror and told to still afraid reflection:
-hey dude, squirrel wont eat you, why you afraid, it was in different side of mirror.
-...for me... all reflections are real... for me... reflection of squirrel is real squirrel
-... you are coward...
-said guy who was afraid of sleeping alone...
Claw looked at masked man and asked:
-you told it him!? But-
-he dont told me it. I just see and hear everything- answer Squish
Claw feel a bit better. So he can trust masked man. But he must take more care on this what he doing. But how Squish see and hear it all. Mirrors... house is ful of mirrors. And for Squish reflections are real world...

Claw sits outside. He trying to chill out cause of stress of being in new place which he doesnt know too good. He looks around. House was in middle of forest so here was only many trees. Here was very quiet. Too quiet for person who spend whole life in big city. But he decided to change his life. No more fear...
part 1:…
part 3:…
finally i end second part. and i started work on next :3 it will be longer serie

Claw, masked man, Squish, Ghostly Puppeteer, Dead Mary, demented girl (c) :iconhekkoto:
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