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Claw looked around house. It was big, old and beautiful building. He don't know anyone from here only masked man who took him here. He went here with him, it was better than go back to his real home. Claw hated real  home, he had only bad memories with it. His mother and girlfriend died there. They was killed by his  mother lover, old demon called Raxer. Masked man took him to room in the end of corridor and told him that this can be his new room. That was very nice for Claw, masked man saved him and wanted be his friend. Thanks to it Claw has more than one friend. He decided that he should ask about this that his best friend Zenith can  live here too. He go out from his new room and go to living room. Here was two little girls, one looks like regular human but dirty and with scars on face and neck, second was undead, she hasn't eyes and looks sad. They playing with theirs plushies which was weird for Claw because plushies talking and moving. Claw come to them because wanted meet them.
-ummmm... hi-started Claw
Girls looked on him.
-hi-said undead girl-who are you?
-I'm Claw, and you?
-I'm Dead Mary, but call me just Mary.
- I'm demented girl- said weird girlie
- nice to meet you- said Claw with smile
- do you want play with us? -asked demented girl
-um, maybe later, now I gonna meet rest of guys who live here
- ok
Claw go to kitchen where masked man eats raw meat and drinks beer. Claw looks around this room. Kitchen was big, with many old furnitures. In centre was big table and ten chairs. Kitchen furniture was made of black rock. There was some vases with dead roses.  Everything was clean but here was smell of rot. Claw come to  masked man and sit near to him. Masked man looked at him with smile.
-do you like this place? - asked masked man
-yes, this place is nice and I meet to girls. Dead Mary and demented girl. By the way, why she introduce herself as demented girl? She don't has name?
-she has, her name is Lisa. But she doesn't remember it, so everybody name her demented girl cause she is insane.
-oh, ok
-you meet only them? Maybe you want meet rest of us?
- sure, it will be great
Masked man stand up and go with Claw through long corridor. There was many paintings on walls. All was creepy but also beautiful. Whole house was clean, Claw wondering who tidy it all. He used to live in small flat, and he tidied only his room. Sometimes...  He always was lazy, so he doesn't care about tiding home. But this house was different. Claw can't imagine this house dirty. Masked man stock to one room and next opened door. They go inside. This room was very big with big, black sacrificial table in centre. Near to walls was many shelves with dolls on it. Dolls was strange. Eyeless, with scars, in ripped clothes. But still beautiful. This room has two big windows with view to dark forest in which middle was house. On walls was blood and one big mirror in beautiful silver frame. Claw looks stunned on it. Whole frame has amazing and very detailed flowers ornament. It looks to beautiful to be real. Near mirror stand big desk. On chair near desk sits tall man with big hat. He looks on Claw and masked man and smile to them.
-welcome in my house- said man standing-you are Claw, right? I'm Ghostly Puppeteer.
-ummm.... nice to meet you... yea, I'm Claw... you know me?
-I heard about you from my friend
Claw looks around room again. This guy was puppeteer so that's why everywhere was dolls. And some alive plushies which look at him interested. There was five of them. One was bunny, one was teddy bear, two of them were cats and one was weird unknown creature. Claw wasn't know what to say. Old puppeteer makes him feel uncomfortable. He looks again at mirror.
-this mirror... is very old?
-yes. It has 293 years. It was made for me as gift from my old friend. He wanted thanks me for dolls for his daughter.
- that's nice from him. Wait, 293 years!? For you!? So how old are you?
- I'm older than this world. I was created when hell was created
-you are demon?
-yes. Very old demon.
-why you are puppeteer? You can be everybody and you choose this job...
- I just love dolls.
Masked man touch Claw's shoulder
- we should go. Do you want meet rest of guys who live here?
- sure
-good. We should stop disturb Ghostly.
They go outside room. They go upstairs and Claw again looks around. Here walls are clean, its looks that most of them lived at first floor, not at second. On walls was many mirrors, some small, some medium and two very big. Claw don't likes it, he feel that something observes him. They go inside of second room. Room as most of rooms was not too big, with bed, wardrobe and one big window. And like as in rest of rooms here was big mirror."Ghostly must loves mirrors" thought Claw. All was regular, in normal silver or steel frames. Only one has gold circle frame. Masked man go to this one and said:
-are you here, my dear?
In mirror appear beautiful lady in red dress, with gold hair and bandages on eyes
-what you want? -asked lady. Her voice was full of anger. "She don't like him" thought Claw
-I want introduce you new member of our creepy family, this is Claw-said masked man ignoring her anger.
Lady looks at Claw who wondering that she can see him.
-...nice to meet you. I'm lady Heko.-said woman after two minutes
-nice to meet you too- said Claw with smile- you can see me? This bandages on eyes.... are you blind?
-yes. I'm blind. But I can see you, I'm clairvoyant. I see you in future and in past.
-what happened?
-Man who murdered me and my husband burned out my eyes.
-oh.... that's...
-yea... hmmmm... well, nice to meet you, now I wanna meet rest of guys.
Claw fast go away from mirror. Lady Heko was scary for him. He doesn't know why but he was afraid of her. There was something wrong with her...

Claw and masked man go to next room. Room was different than rest of rooms, was very elegant and dark. Inside was big bed for two persons, very big desk, two wardrobes and shelves full of books. On bed sits weird man who looked on white, glowing umbrella which he hold in hands. He looks very elegant, he has dark red suit and black tie. His skin was black like coal, his eyes glowing and were red. "He must be demon too" thought Claw.
-hello- said masked man
-good morning- said weird man- oh, I see you have new friend- he stand up and come to Claw-I'm Xantos, weird man with white umbrella
-good morning, I'm Claw
-Claw?.... nice name.... My... friend told me about you... unwanted kid....
-.... who? Who call me unwanted kid?
-please, tell me
-... as you wish. Raxer.... he told me that... your mother's lover.
-I know who is it.... he doesn't live here?
-no, he doesn't. Why you asking?
-I just don't want meet him here
-don't worry about it, he doesn't come here too often. He doesn't like us.
-he hates everybody....
-hmmmm... why you call yourself "weird man with white umbrella"?
-everybody who don't know my name call me that. Cause I go outside only why raining. And cause I have my beautiful white umbrella.
-why this room have so many furnitures? Rest of rooms are almost empty
-I choosed furnitures for this house. My room and Ghostly Puppeteer's room have many more things cause we live in this house hundreds years. I choosed all of things cause Ghostly loves my elegance and style.
-when you meet Raxer?
-... I don't want talk about it...
-why? I wan-
-we must go, you should meet last of us-said masked man and take Claw from Xantos's room
Masked man pull Claw to end of corridor and they stay close to one of two big mirrors what was there. Claw doesn't understand why masked man don't let him end so he asked:
-why you took me away? I want know more about Raxer
-so ask me, we here don't like talk about HIM
-he hates everybody
-I know... he destroyed my life so I just want know-
-Xantos is his older brother...
-yea... but why he don't like talk about him?
-I think... they was enemies... now they try looks like best friends with Ghostly but Xantos still dont like talk about this
-ok... that's weird but ok
-well... so, you wanna meet last of us?
Masked man stayed in front of mirror and delicate touch it. In mirror appear short, bald "person" who was pale, in white, dirty in blood clothes. Claw looked at him with rude smile and said:
-hehehe...nice dress... girlie
Reflection looked with anger at him
-Shut up... and don't touch my mirror
Masked man looks with apologize at him
-sorry... umm, Claw, this is Squish he is-
-why you don't like when others call you girl why you wear dress?
-this...isn't...dress... this is...robe
-why you make that big breaks between words?
-cause... I hate... talk... ... ...with idiots
-said guy in dress, hehehe. So shorty, your name is Squish... weird name, you choosed it?
-maybe my name... is weird... but it... was... given to me...
-who gave you this stupid name? name... isn't stupid!...
-well, ok. So who?
-my.... my.... master....
first part of my newest story "Masked friend". In first part is how Claw meet rest of characters who lives in Ghostly Puppeteer's house. Story is something like thing after story "house of murderers part 1" and is based on m old arts. I dont know when will be next part so enjoy this :3 so this story is some Claw's past and infos about my ocs

Claw, masked man, Dead Mary, demented girl, Ghostly Puppeteer, Xantos, Raxer, Lady Heko (c) :iconhekkoto:
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cricricri13 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2013  Student Writer
Cool! ^^ they look like a happy family somehow XD a happy... creepy... scary... family but happy! (except for squish XD)
I love the story so far. And I really felt a chill there so cool! Just one thing. You seem to have a problem with orthography, specially with "The". I think I can help you with that (I had that issues untill recently I finally learned) It's not something really bad in my opinion but some people would be real dicks about it (again, I know this because they were faggots to me untill I learned)
Hekkoto Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014
yea, great family XD
yea, I know I have big problems with ortography but I dont care
cricricri13 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014  Student Writer
XD well ok then. Just know that if ya want any help I can help ya.
Hekkoto Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014
clawsofscorge Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
O_O I was scared for a second that My OC Claws had ended up in your story XD
Hekkoto Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2013
RavenWingSword Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2013  Student General Artist
I like it! Also, 0-0 I thought dolls couldn't get any creepier...
Hekkoto Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2013
thanks :)
yea :)
ToxicDeath0206 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2013
Woah o_o
Hekkoto Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2013
ToxicDeath0206 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2013
Hekkoto Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2013
ToxicDeath0206 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2013
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